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The "Co" concept restaurant
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Le Restaurant Le Bon La Butte in Montmartre
Fête des vendanges in Montmartre
« Aux frontières de l’art brut » & « Hey Céramique.s » at Halles Saint-Pierre
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Le Moulin de la galette
Walk and visit to the Montmartre museum
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The "Un Zèbre à Montmartre" restaurant
This is Montmartre : A 2h30 walk
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Eat at the famous Café des Deux Moulins
In the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh in Montmartre
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Le Bistrot du Maquis
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Bouillon Pigalle
Hotel Relais Montmartre & Christmas in Paris
Tripadvisor 2019 Certificate of Excellence - Montmartre Paris
Moulin Rouge - Cabaret near the Relais Montmartre hotel
Two Family Museums in Paris, our best picks
Christmas markets in Paris
Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival
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Our Guide : Visit Montmartre by Night
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The magic festivities of Christmas in Paris
Une glace à Paris (An ice cream in Paris)
Do you know... The Little Poulbot of Montmartre?
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Restaurant: "Les tantes Jeanne", a moment of weightlessness
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The "Co" concept restaurant
Is it just a restaurant? An atypical and appealing place, unlike any other. Why does it attract the curiosity of a young clientele?
We're not far from Porte de Clignancourt, a lively and colorful working-class neighborhood in the 18th arrondissement. This is the setting that inspired CO to create this place of exchange around the arts and the table.
What could qualify this unusual place is its atypical and alternative character. Outside, a 70s lamp discreetly signals that this is the place to come if you want to be amazed and share an experience with others who make the same choices.

As soon as you walk through the front door, you're greeted by a jumble of objects steeped in a past that you're summoning up.

Gradually, we come to see a welcoming, eclectic place, conducive to encounters, in an atmosphere marked by an abundance of found, salvaged and diverted objects. It's a place that seems to promote the creation of a fairly young community. It's a place that seems conducive to social revitalization, the exchange of ideas, creativity arising from social interaction, and informal encounters.


It's not just a restaurant. It's also a cocktail bar, an exhibition space and a creative workshop, where musicians also perform.

A solex alongside the garden gnome designed by Philippe Stark, edited by Kartel

You can tell the piano is in frequent use. Pianists, guitarists and bassists meet up and liven up the place, usually on Thursdays

Like the place and the people who frequent it, the menu is the fruit of a cultural mix. Surprisingly, there are also a number of dishes featuring caviar, the house specialty. Prices are affordable, with starters averaging around €10-15 and main courses between €15 and €18.
Wine, served by the glass, is also affordable, with prices around 5€. We ordered a skewer of chicken satay with peanut sauce, followed by eggplant stuffed with ground beef and cedar. To finish, a Pavlova, a dessert made with meringue, chantilly and fruit, inspired by the ballerina Pavlova's tour of Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s. A menu with multi-cultural influences.

On my way out, I head for the basement via the left-hand door. As I entered, I noticed that a photo exhibition was taking place there.

A flyer found on the bar announces an exhibition of Yvelizra's photographs

I discover the committed art of photographer Yvelizra, whose work can currently be seen at the Palais de Tokyo. I meet the artist, who shows gentleness and empathy.

In short, CO isn't just a restaurant. It's a place where people come to discover, meet, share, exchange and learn, in a warm and atypical atmosphere. Discover it for yourself!
15 Rue Esclangon, 75018 Paris
Tuesday to Saturday 5:00 pm to 0:00 am. Closes at 2:00am on Fridays and Saturdays




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Le Restaurant Le Bon La Butte in Montmartre
We tested this restaurant for you, just a 7-minute walk from Le Relais Montmartre.

It's a restaurant with a traditional, intimate decor, a warm bistro atmosphere and a friendly, sincere, family welcome.

At the helm is David Polin. He worked on his menus next to a well-equipped and well-kept open kitchen. David Polin is a former sound engineer for cooking shows. He trained himself through passion and curiosity, before definitively embracing the restaurant profession. He's in the kitchen when he's not busy sourcing produce from eco-responsible French producers. It's market cuisine, but also sometimes world cuisine, inspired by his many travels.
The menu offers starters from €11 to €22, with classics like razor clams in parsley sauce, and creative dishes like beef ravioli with wasabi emulsion. As for the main courses, we're more into tradition, with a selection of quality meats such as filet of Charolais beef from the Perche region or old-fashioned blanquette of veal from the Limousin region.
There's a 3-course lunch menu at €25, which we chose. Another 3-course menu is available in the evening for 37€.

We ordered a glass of organic Tavel, Vino C Rouge, from the Languedoc region but rather light, with notes of red fruit and a hint of pepper. The wine list is very extensive, with around a hundred bottles.

We start our menu with a velouté of porcini mushrooms, since it's in season. It's creamy, rich and unctuous.

We continue with a beef chuck and vegetable jardinière. The dish is not very spicy, and the natural flavors of a good chuck that has been cooked for 4 hours come through clearly. It is served with a gribiche sauce. The vegetables, very fresh and firm, are bathed in a just-right broth with a bouquet garni. The sauce is willingly served with a very good loaf of bread from Thierry Breton's at the Gare du Nord.
It's a very good traditional dish made with excellent ingredients.
The waiter tells me that the vegetables come from a market-gardener in Roscoff, Brittany, run by an original producer who delivers to his customers in a "tripoteur", as was traditional in Brittany.

And then we chose the brioche perdue. It's served with a small amount of crème pâtissière topped with chantilly. The brioche is drizzled with maple syrup. It's simple, well done and very good.

It's a fine culinary experience, made up of simple, well-crafted dishes, with good produce, enjoyed to the accompaniment of some very good jazz, selected by a waiter who's a musician in his own right. Thanks for the good music.
We'll be back with pleasure.

Le Bon la Butte
102 ter rue Lepic – 75018 Paris
Tuesday to Thursday, 7:00 pm to 0:00 am
Friday to Sunday from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 23:00

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Fête des vendanges in Montmartre
Is this annual event not to be missed? We've tested it for you. Our photos, our video, our explanations.

 Since 1934, an annual celebration lasting several days has taken place in October to mark the grape harvest and the unveiling of the new Clos Montmartre vintage. It's a popular village festival, steeped in tradition and imbued with folklore, featuring gastronomy and wine.
If you're interested in village atmosphere, folklore, gastronomy and wine, we invite you to join us at the 2024 fête des vendanges. This year's fête des vendanges took place from October 11 to 15, 2023. The timeless core of the festivities on the program is the vineyard tour, parade, taste trail, ball and concerts.


The history of Montmartre's vineyards

In the 12th century, the nuns of Montmartre Abbey planted vines. However, the abbey's impoverishment led to the sale of its vineyard plots, and by the 18th century, most of the hilltop was covered in vines, surrounded by prosperous taverns and cabarets.
After Montmartre became part of Paris in 1860, housing began to multiply at the expense of the vines, which finally disappeared completely in 1928. On the initiative of painter Francisque Poulbot and others, the Prefect of the Seine declared the present Clos de Montmartre land unbuildable, to protect the area from real estate investment. In 1933, the City of Paris planted 2,000 vines on the site. The first harvest celebration took place in 1934.

Fête des vendanges from October 5 to 7, 1934. See the film: https://digital.tcl.sc.edu/digital/collection/MVTN/id/1532/rec/1*

Where is Clos Montmartre?

The vineyard is located on the northern slope of the Butte Montmartre, along rue Saint-Vincent and rue des Saules. No pesticides or fungicides are used.
1,760 vines from 30 different grape varieties, including one hybrid, produce around 1,300 kilos of grapes, equivalent to around 1,000 bottles of red and rosé wine. The vineyard is managed by a gardener from the Paris city council, under the supervision of an oenologist. The harvest at Clos Montmartre is disconnected from the fête des vendanges. It is not the subject of a special event and takes place around 15 days before the fête des vendanges.
The best view of the Clos Montmartre, where we filmed, is from the Musée Montmartre, which we particularly recommend you visit. (read our article). You can also book a visit to the vineyards on the Musée Montmartre website:​
Clos Montmartre
14-18 rue des Saules- 75018 Paris
Remerciements à Monsieur l’adjoint au maire du 18ème arrondissement, Ariel Lellouche.

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« Aux frontières de l’art brut » & « Hey Céramique.s » at Halles Saint-Pierre
We saw both exhibitions. Hundreds of astonishing works. Please follow us!

Halle Saint-Pierre in Paris is located not far from Relais Montmartre, at the foot of the basilica. The area is particularly picturesque and well worth a stroll. La Halle Saint-Pierre is a museum dedicated to unconventional, marginal and alternative art. It occupies a historic site, the former Baltard-style hall at the foot of the Butte Montmartre, once a bustling market.

Here are a few artists and works from the two exhibitions mentioned above.

« Aux frontières de l’art brut »

The exhibition brings together works by 15 artists who prefer the freedom of unusual paths. These artists come from very different backgrounds, personalities, career paths and businesses, and most of them have no artistic training. Their research is tireless, obsessive, and prolific. Their universe is unique and reflects a highly personal, singular, and often touching vision, so humble, sensitive, and intimate does it seem.
Ronan-Jim Sévellec is a French painter and sculptor born in 1938. His father introduced him to drawing, modeling and painting at an early age. From 1960 onwards, he created models for film productions. He gradually abandoned painting for sculpting miniature sets.

Born in the bush of Niger, Marion Oster is influenced by primitive civilizations. She creates a singular universe blending kitsch and enchantment. Her artistic creations include glittering mannequins, tattooed antique dolls and magical Ex-Voto, offering a free reinterpretation of folklore and tradition.

Gabriel Audebert, a former Parisian hairdresser, creates masks and busts from a newspaper-based material. His works depict political figures from the 1960s to 2000s, as well as figures taken from paintings by Van Gogh, Modigliani and Toulouse-Lautrec.

Roger Lorance began his artistic career after decisive encounters with painters Jules Thoret and Léopold Chaillot in the 1950s. His work is characterized by vividly colored, dreamlike paintings and poems in a singular, personal poetic style.

Le passeur – 2021

« Hey ! céramic.s »

From pop culture to art brut, the exhibition brings together 250 works by 34 artists who emancipate themselves from the creative norms commonly adopted in the field of ceramics. The exhibition is organized in partnership with the porcelain manufacturer Bernardeau.
Here's a sample of what you'll see at the exhibition.

Christina Bothwel – Double violet – 2021

Christina Bothwel – Birds – 2019

Kirsten Stingle - Awakening

After the visit

At the end of the exhibition, you can enjoy the bar and bookshop, and continue your stroll through this pretty neighborhood.

Café du musée

Rue Ronsard, just outside the Museum

Enjoy your visit!

Halle Saint-Pierre
Rue Ronsard, 75018 Paris
Monday to Sunday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, Tuesday closes at 7:00 pm.
« Aux frontières de l’art brut »  from September 20, 2023 to February 25, 2024
« Hey ! céramic.s » from September 20, 2023 to August 14, 2024


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Le Moulin de la galette
Le moulin de la galette is a Montmartre landmark located just a 6-minute walk from Le Relais Montmartre. It's a place steeped in history and emblematic, but it's also a restaurant where you can spend a pleasant moment.

Le Moulin de la Galette, today

A historic site

In the 18th century, as described by Charles Sellier in his History of Old Montmartre, the butte was home to at least twenty-five windmills.

As we wrote in our article "In the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh", "The Moulin de la Galette is made up of two windmills: the Moulin Blute-fin to the west and the Moulin Radet to the east, both acquired by the Debray family, millers, in 1809. Between these two mills, a public ball opened in 1834, which became known as the "Moulin de la Galette" because the Debray family used to distribute galettes there.

Van Gogh, Renoir, Utrillo, Picasso, Toulouse Lautrec and others have painted the Moulin or bal du moulin de la galette.

Le Moulin de la Galette circa 1840

Auguste Renoir - Bal du moulin de la Galette – 1876 . Musée d’Orsay

A charming place

It's a touristy place, but that doesn't make it any less charming. In fine weather, you can enjoy a pleasant, secluded indoor terrace. It's best to come early in the evening to make sure you're in the right place.

The room is quite large and elegant. Only part of it is shown below.

What to eat?

The menu offers two courses for €31 or 3 courses for €39. The prices are right for a restaurant with such a great location.
See the menu: https://www.moulindelagaletteparis.com/menus-carte/#menu-432309

We start with a sea bass ceviche with red fruits: sea bass, olive oil, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry, vinegared onion, spring onion, dill and lemon sorbet. It's very fresh and makes a very pleasant combination, even if? for personal taste, I would have preferred a less sweet lemon sorbet. It's a perfect summer starter and makes you want to make it again at home.

Enjoy this dish with a glass of rosé.

We continue with mussels marinière. Served with homemade pommes allumette. The products are fresh and pleasant in summer. The sauce could have done with more of the white wine and butter, but it's still very decent.

To finish, a perfect crème brulée: Well vanillaed, quite firm and fresh with a well-browned brown sugar. It's not too sweet. There's nothing wrong with this dessert.

All in all, a pleasant surprise for this tourist spot: You'll have a great time in this historic restaurant, for a fair price considering the quality of the dishes and their ingredients. Service is fast and efficient. We'll be back.

Moulin de la Galette
88 rue Lepic – 75018 Paris
Open every day from 12h00 to 22h00​

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Walk and visit to the Montmartre museum
The Musée Montmartre is one of Montmartre's most romantic and authentic landmarks. Formed by the union of 3 buildings and several gardens, it was here that many artists such as Auguste Renoir, Émile Bernard, Raoul Dufy, Suzanne Valadon and Maurice Utrillo stayed. The museum includes the gardens and its café, the permanent exhibition and the temporary exhibition.
To reach this romantic and cultural site, we're going to take a route that's just as charming as its destination. Follow the trail!

We will be at the exit of the Lamarck-Caulincourt station

We climb the steps

At the top of the steps, you can stop for a coffee at Ginette's.

We cross the Place Constantin Pecqueur square and climb the stairs to Rue Grirardon.

We're coming up behind Place Dalida, which we mentioned in another walk.

We turn left onto rue de l'Abreuvoir, towards the Montmartre Basilica

We pass the Maison Rose

And finally to rue Cortot

And here we are at the Musée de Montmartre. The walk has already half transformed us into Montmartreans

The gardens of the Montmartre museum

We suggest you start your visit by exploring the gardens.

Time stands still

Garden where Auguste Renoir worked

Suzanne Valadon and Maurice Utrillo's painting studio can be seen

We then approach another garden with the small café on the left. Here you can take a break and read a book if you wish

Descending the steps to the lower garden, you can see the Clos-Montmartre vineyards, where wine production is celebrated every year during the grape harvest festival in October

The permanent exhibition at the Musée de Montmartre

The permanent collections plunge us into the history of Montmartre, starting with the effervescence of its painters' studios. They also present the atmosphere of its cabarets, from the Lapin Agile to the Moulin Rouge. One room is dedicated to the French Cancan, while another features shadow theater, the dreamlike decor for which the Chat Noir cabaret is famous.

Suzanne Valadon and Maurice Utrillo's studio

A room in Suzanne Valadon and Maurice Utrillo's apartment

Maurice Utrillo - The old Maquis in Montmartre, ca. 1919

Cabaret le Chat Noir poster

A famous poster for Le Divan Japonais (1893), by Henri de Toulouse de Lautrec

Temporary exhibitions at the Musée de Montmartre

Most of the space is devoted to temporary exhibitions, whose scenography and research work are of a very high standard for a private museum.
As their name suggests, these exhibitions are temporary, and the one we saw, "Surréalisme au féminin?", ends on September 10, 2023. We invite you to discover the current exhibition here:  https://museedemontmartre.fr/en/expositions-et-evenements/

Jane Graverol - Le sacre du Printemps , 1960

Jacqueline Lamba - The blonde woman, 1930

All in all, this walk and tour are typically Montmartre and filled us with vitality. We highly recommend the experience.
Musée de Montmartre
12 Rue Cortot, 75018 Paris
Thursday to Monday, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm and Wednesday 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
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The "Un Zèbre à Montmartre" restaurant
Find out why this very Montmartre café, located 200 meters from the Relais Montmartre, is the place to be. We tested it for you.
Un Zèbre à Montmatre is the place to go if you want to enjoy affordable, well-interpreted daily French cuisine on a terrace or in a cosy dining room. It's open every day from 9:00 am to 2:00 am.
It's a beautiful sunny day when I book a table for lunch at Le Zèbre in Montmartre. It's a little café-restaurant on rue Lepic, 200 meters from Le Relais Montmartre, and two stores away from the excellent boulangerie Alexine, which we'd included in our walking tour.  (Read our article). Un Zèbre à Montmartre offers a pleasant terrace.

The atmosphere is warm and friendly, even family-like. People talk out loud, share their thoughts... Service is attentive and diligent.
The menu offers mostly classic French dishes: Terrine de campagne, œuf cocotte, honey-roasted camembert, semi-cooked tuna and grilled vegetables, duck breast with honey sauce and sautéed potatoes, entrecôte with shallot sauce and sautéed potatoes...
This is affordable cuisine, with starters priced from €7.50 to €9.50 and main courses from €16 to €18. Starters, main courses and desserts are priced at €17, plus a few extras depending on the dish. All dishes are homemade, and the produce is of the highest quality.
The establishment offers a short wine list at attractive prices, with most glasses priced at 6€. We chose a 2019 Macon, which went well with our choice of dishes.

We start with this well-served roasted Camembert. Its maturation is perfect, as it's not too "done" and therefore not too strong in the mouth. However, I would have liked the honey to have been added after rather than before baking.

We continue with a seared, raw tuna. It's served with a jardinière of grilled vegetables, including a sweet potato that goes very well with our tuna. The tuna and vegetables are perfectly cooked. We added a very slightly sweet soy-based sauce.
It's worth mentioning, and I didn't know it, that the soft chuck steak with shallot sauce is a must-try dish at this restaurant, which has been on the menu for 22 years. Try it next time.

And to round things off, a great classic, very well interpreted here: this crème brulée, fresh to the core. The vanilla is very present and the brown sugar well caramelized.

In conclusion, the charm of the place, the conviviality, the quality of the products and the mastery of the interpretation of the dishes at reasonable prices, make this address, which is open every day, a place to remember for your stay in Montmartre.

Un Zèbre à Montmartre
38 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris
Every day from 9am to 2am
See teh Menu: https://zebreamontmartre.fr/en/services

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This is Montmartre : A 2h30 walk
The walk that we propose you realizes a loop of 2h30 to 3 hours where you will discover the charm of Montmartre.
Here are the main milestones that make it up:
  • Relais Montmartre
  • Café des Deux Moulins
  • Wall of the I love you
  • The stairs of Montmartre and the Funicular
  • Place du Tertre
  • Dali Museum
  • Pink House
  • House of Dalida
  • Mill of the cake
  • Cemetery of Montmartre

See the route in google maps : click here

Two one-minute videos to get a quick look at this course:



We leave of course from the Relais Montmartre, preferably early, because you will have the pleasure to see Montmartre awake. 

The walk can start with a coffee, at the Café des Deux Moulins, which we had tested for you in a previous article (read our article).

In the café des Deux Moulins, a very pleasant Saturday morning atmosphere.

Less than 200 meters from the Relais Montmartre, you can also choose to have an espresso at the counter of this café.

The croissants of our partner "Alexine" are really excellent. Would you like to try them?

In the Rue Lepic, 200 meters from the Relais Montmartre. Colors and freshness that recall the movie Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulin.

You can also choose one of the beautiful terraces of the many cafés that line the rue des Abbesses. We are always less than 500 meters from the Relais Montmartre.

Built between 1894 and 1904, the church of St jean de Montmartre occupies a central point of the place des Abbesses. It is both original and charming.

Place des Abbesses. A village atmosphere.

The Wall of Je t'aime, place des Abbesses, is composed of 612 glazed lava tiles where Je t'aime is written in 250 languages and dialects.

Going up to the hill, rue Barsac

The stairs of the rue Chappe

The Funicular and the steps where many joggers are very brave

The Montmartre Basilica, perched at 130 meters high, is one of the highest points of Paris.

The cafés and restaurants of the Place du Tertre

Many portraitists offer their services

Place du Tertre

Rue Poulbot, near the Dali Museum

The Dali Museum gathers 300 works and deserves a detour if you like this painter, major figure of the surrealist movement

La Maison rose

Dalida Square with the statue of the famous singer

The restaurant "le Moulin de la Galette" which we wrote about in our article on Vincent Van Gogh
Read our article "On the steps of Vincent Van Gogh in Montmartre"

The Cemetery of Montmartre is a particularly peaceful place that deserves a visit.

The tomb of Emile Zola. François Truffaut, Hector Berlioz, Alexandre Dumas, Michael Lonsdale and many others are buried in the Montmartre cemetery.

You can then reach the hotel by the Boulevard de Clichy, passing by the Cité Veron. Have a good meal!

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Eat at the famous Café des Deux Moulins
Do you want to relive the movie " Amélie from Montmartre " by Jean Pierre Jeunet? You liked the atmosphere of the café? It's 130 meters from the Relais Montmartre. Follow us, we tested it for you.

The cult movie

Do you remember the young Amelie in Amélie from Montmartre? This young woman with a vivid imagination played by Audrey Tautou is a waitress in this typical Parisian café.

Watch the trailer of the movie:

The café does exist! It is called the Café des Deux Moulins, as in the film. Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the director, used to frequent it before selecting this location for the film. It is in this café that Amélie and Nino Quincampoix (Mathieu Kassovitz) have the only face-to-face exchange in the film.

We tested the Café des Deux Moulins for you

We recommend you rather the first room which is more typical.

Here, we eat for cheap. The service is equivalent to that of a bouillon, like the Bouillon Pigalle that we tested recently (read our article). The starter, main course and dessert are 19€.
It's simple and good. Two eggs with homemade mayonnaise and a glass of rosé: A Parisian bistro atmosphere.

We then ordered a fillet of sea bass, which is in the suggestions of dishes of the day. It's slightly overcooked but the fish is fresh and the accompaniment is very correct for the price.

Special mention is for the Pana cotta and red fruit coulis, which is really delicious. I'll be back for that alone!

In short, a starter, a main course, a dessert and a quarter of rosé of correct qualities for an economic price in a "Vintage" atmosphere.

Did you know that?

Jean Pierre Jeunet says about the film shot in Montmartre: "We got rid of all the cars in the streets, cleaned the graffiti on the walls, replaced the posters with more colorful ones, etc. Let's say I tried to exercise as much control as possible over the aesthetic quality of the city. Let's just say I tried to exert as much control as possible over the aesthetic quality of the city.
Amélie Poulin was the first digitally graded film. "At the time, before digital, you couldn't do anything with the colors. All of a sudden, it was an open door to do whatever you wanted.../...Today it seems almost too much. I would tone down the colors. It's almost aggressive. At the time we could afford so much that we did not deprive ourselves. We went very far in the colorimetry" says Jean Pierre Jeunet.
Three months ago, Jean Pierre Jeunet, shoots a very funny short film that he calls "The true story of Amélie Poulain". The text is always read by André Dussollier. A must see.


Café des Deux Moulins
Voir la carte : https://cafedesdeuxmoulins.fr/fr/services
15 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris
Ouvert tous les jours de 7h00 à 2h00 sauf samedi et dimanche de 9h00 à 2h00
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In the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh in Montmartre
Walk with us through the streets of Montmartre. A journey of 8 stages that illustrate the life of one of the greatest figures of 19th century painting, from March 1886 to February 1888.
When we talk about Vincent Van Gogh, we often mention Arles, Saint-Remy or Auvers sur Oise. However, Vincent Van Gogh spent two very important years of his life in Montmartre, which contributed to his artistic opening. It is notably at the studio of the painter Fernand Cormon, located at 10 rue Constance, 20 meters from the Relais Montmartre, that everything began.
This story that we invite you to relive, is materialized by a journey of 8 stages that illustrate a slice of life of one of the greatest figures of the 19th century painting, from March 1886 to February 1888. You will cross with us typical, historical and charming districts.
Come with us!

Equip yourself with a good pair of shoes like those painted several times by V. van Gogh - 1886 and 1887

Click on the map to see the route in Google Maps

10 rue Constance, l’académie

It is 20 meters from the Relais Montmartre that we begin our journey.
Vincent van Gogh was self-taught and it was only at the age of 27 that he decided to become a painter. He attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and took classes with his cousin, the painter Anton Mauve in The Hague, but he did not draw in an academic way. He will be despised for this.
Shortly after his arrival in Paris, Vincent attended the studio of Fernand Cormon, located at 10 rue de Constance. Vincent was already 33 years old and looked old to all the young students of Fernand Cormon who did not fail to make fun of him.
It was at 10 rue Constance that Van Gogh met Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Louis Anquetin, John Peter Russel and especially Émile Bernard, of whom he became a close friend.

Van Goh by John Peter Russel, 1886 - Emile Berard by Toulouse Lautrec the same year

Fernand Cormon's studio, 10 rue Constance, was probably located on the 4th floor.

54 rue Lepic, or the improvised workshop

We are in June 1886. Vincent Van Gogh has been in Paris for three months. When he arrived in Paris, three months earlier, he had no means and was living with his brother Theo and his wife Johanna in a small apartment which they left to settle at 54 rue Lepic, on the 3rd floor. The window of Vincent's room overlooks the rooftops of Paris.
This room will be his studio. He painted many self-portraits and a few portraits of his brother, including this one below which was mistaken for a long time for a self-portrait.

View of the roofs of Paris - V. van Gogh 1887

Left Self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, right Theo Van Gogh (detail) by Vincent Van Gogh – 1887

The two brothers were extremely close, as evidenced by their abundant correspondence. Theo admired his brother and never stopped supporting him.
In this apartment at 54 rue Lepic, the Van Gogh brothers received their artist friends, Emile Bernard, Anquetin, Reid, Pissaro and others.

Theo Van Gogh's apartment was located on the third floor and was probably a two-room apartment. On the first floor of the building was the gallery of Alphonse Portier (1841-1902), a former color dealer and patron of the Impressionists, who exhibited Corot (1796-1875) and Cézanne (1839-1906).

83 rue Lepic, the mills that move Van Gogh

The "Moulin de la Galette" is made up of two windmills: the Blute-fin mill to the west and the Radet mill to the east, both acquired by the Debray family, millers in 1809. Between these two mills, a public ball was opened in 1834, which took the name of "Moulin de la Galette" because the Debray family distributed galettes there.
Vincent Van Goh painted many times the mills of Montmartre and the gardens that it dominates.

Le moulin de la Galette in 1886

Le Moulin de la Galette V. van Gogh – 1887

Le moulin de la galette, today

Maquis de Montmartre - 1890

The Radet mill overlooks the hill of Montmartre where there was an area called Maquis de Montmartre, consisting of allotments and a quarry.

Montmartre, quarry, mills - V. van Gogh 1886

18 rue Saint Rustique, where we drink absinthe

The Montmartre bars and cabarets frequented by Vincent are numerous. Fragile, tormented, Vincent drinks. He was known to drink excessively, combined with a poor diet. Bars and cabarets are not, except in exceptional cases, the subject of his paintings.

The guiguette in Montmartre - Wooden billiards - V. van Gogh 1886

Wooden billiards around 1921 - Roger Violet

Billards en bois is now called La bonne Franquette

62 Bd de Clichy, he pays with paintings

Le Tambourin, located at 62 boulevard de Clichy, was a cabaret restaurant that Vincent van Gogh used to frequent. He rubbed shoulders with Emile Bernard and Paul Gaugin, among others. He paid for the meals he consumed in paintings. The owner of the place was none other than Agostina Segatori who had posed for Édouard Manet.

Agostina Segatori – V. Van Gogh 1887

The Tambourin became the Cabaret des Quat'z'arts. Here in 1900

62 boulevard de Clichy, the address of the late Le Tambourin

25 Victor Massé Street: The unannounced arrival

Let's go back in time. We are in March 1886. Vincent arrives from Antwerp. It is at the 25th of this street, then called Laval street, that Vincent invites himself at his brother's house without having warned him. The apartment is small. It is located in the backyard on the second floor on the left.

Theo van Gogh's small apartment was located in a backyard building at 25 Victor Massé Street

Au 9 rue Chaptal, l’art est une marchandise

Vincent Van Goh's father and uncle sent Vincent to Paris in May 1875, to the head office of Goupil & Cie, located at 9 rue Chaptal. Goupil & Cie was then one of the most important art dealers in the world. Vincent was shocked to see art treated as a mere commodity and expressed his displeasure to some of his clients, which led to his dismissal on April 1, 1876. Vincent returned to the Netherlands but his brother got a stable job in 1880 at Goupil & Cie before becoming manager of its branch on Boulevard de Montmartre. It was thanks to this position that he was able to support his brother but also, later, Paul Gauguin, making Vincent believe that the money was sent by his father.

Galerie Goupil, rue Chaptal - Le Monde Illustré 1860

The Goupil & Cie headquarters building, 9 rue Chaptal was also the address where the composer Iannis Xenakis lived

Gallery Goupil & Cie - Boulevard de Montmartre, directed by Theo

14 rue Clauzel, at Father Tanguy's

Vincent Van Gogh met one of the most colorful characters of the Parisian artistic milieu of the 1880s - 1890s. Affectionately called Father Tanguy by the painters, Julien François Tanguy ran a color store at 14 rue Clauzel and often accepted paintings in exchange for his goods. Van Gogh painted 3 portraits of Father Tanguy, including this one which the merchant never wanted to part with. One can see that the use of frank colors was clear.
We can see in the background the "Japonaiserie" which Vincent Van Gogh was passionate about. The Ukiyo-e style is a Japanese artistic movement of the Edo period (1603-1868) which inspired Vincent Van Gogh, especially by the use of its colors. He made numerous studies of it.

Père Tanguy - V. van Gogh 1887

The Bridge in the Rain 1887 by V. van Gogh and Rain on the Ohami Bridge in Atake- Hiroshige 1857


Vincent leaves Paris in February for Arles. He wanted to go to Provence for the colors he wanted to find. He then went to Auvers sur Oise where his psychiatric health became more and more unstable. He sold only one painting in his lifetime, La Vigne Rouge, for 400 francs (about 1900 euros) to Anna Boch, herself a painter, in February 1890. The painting is so overwhelming that it is both narrative and poetic.
Vincent Van Gogh shot himself in the chest on July 28, 1890 in Auvers sur Oise. His brother Theo died six months later. They lie next to each other in Auvers sur Oise.
Voir le parcours in Google Maps
All the paintings of the Parisian period: http://www.vggallery.com/painting/by_period/paris.htm
Learn more about Vincent Van Gogh: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vincent_van_Gogh


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Good deals
Le Bistrot du Maquis
We tested for you the Bistrot du Maquis and the chef revealed to us in the kitchen his recipe for Veal kidney in mustard sauce.
The Bistrot du Maquis is really the address that we remember and that we strongly recommend you to discover.
Coming from the hotel, you will take the Caulincourt street to go to the Bistrot du Maquis, located at 8 minutes on foot from the Relais Montmartre. You will notice the charm of the surroundings. The Bistrot du Maquis is run by chef André Le Letty and his wife Shuquin. The starred addresses in which André Le Letty worked follow one another with Prunier, Ledoyen, Taillevent and La Tour d'argent where he was 1st sous-chef.

The front of the restaurant doesn't look like much, and I wasn't totally convinced by the decoration, but wait for the rest, it's here that I lived the most beautiful culinary moment of the year, a rare pearl.

We are presented with the slate. The thing is simple: starter, main course and dessert at 42€. The starter and main course or the main course and dessert are 37€.

We begin with an octopus and hummus of a great delicacy. The flesh is tender. The animal has undergone two pre-cooking baths and then a passage in the oven which gives a light smoked flavor. The hummus is slightly lemony.

We also tasted the poultry liver terrine with hazelnuts. It is one of the best pâtés I have eaten in the last 4-5 years. The assembly is quite simple but in the mouth...it's enough to bring you to your knees! This excellent pâté is accompanied by an equally excellent bread that comes from Pointe du Groin, 8, rue de Belzunce in Paris. This bread is a real danger for weight gain.

The wine list is extensive but we did not want to make a wine pairing for each dish of our lunch. We opted for a single glass of pinot noir from Château Montdomaine (Loire) which will lack a bit of body to accompany the next course.
There was a tandoori braised beef chuck with a slice of parsnip and sweet potato puree. The parsnip, which is a kind of white carrot, is just pan-fried and lightly caramelized. The chuck is extremely melting and the sauce is generous.

It was so delicious that I forgot to photograph the wild boar stew we ordered. It is served in an individual cast iron casserole and accompanied by an old-fashioned celery purée, lightly dabbed with butter. The sauce is just slightly singed which adds lightness to a dish that is nevertheless hearty.

We finish this meal of the gods with a pear in Sabayon gratin with the core of Poissy. The sabayon is obtained by incorporating with a whip, an alcohol (the core of Poissy) to egg yolks whitened with sugar. The surface was sweetened and caramelized in the oven. It is delicious.

In short, this is a bistronomic restaurant whose cuisine is all about finesse and generosity. Perfectly mastered cooking and wonderful sauces. The prices are particularly accessible for a cuisine of this quality. We highly recommend a visit.
Finally, it is also with generosity that André Le Letty reveals the recipe for his veal kidney with mustard sauce, steamed cabbage and bacon:


Le Bistrot du Maquis
From Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 22:00
69 rue Caulincourt – 75018 Paris
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Good deals
Bouillon Pigalle
What will you find on your plate at this budget restaurant?

Bouillons were once comparable to what Fast foods are today: popular and economical restaurants, except that their menus were filled with dishes taken from the great classics of traditional French cuisine, which some would call bistro cuisine.
This address was created by the Moussié brothers, respectable and well-known actors on the Parisian scene (Café Jannette, Brasserie Barbès, Hôtel Providence). It serves up to 1800 covers a day at unbeatable prices.
You have to arrive early. During the week, the queue is quite fast, whatever the time in winter. But in the summer, on weekends, you have to arrive at the very beginning of the service.

The decoration, very inspired by the Bistrot style of the Belle Époque period, is quite neat. There is a room on the first floor that is a little more intimate, opening onto an enclosed terrace that will be very popular in summer.
The room is not very noisy considering the affluence.

You will find in the menu all the well-rehearsed standards at particularly good prices: The inevitable egg mayonnaise (2€50), the leek vinaigrette (3€40), the bone marrow (4€20), the 6 snails with parsley butter (7€00)... then the sausage with knife, mashed potatoes (9€60), the brandade of cod with olive oil and almonds (9€90), the beef bourguignon with smoked bacon and coquillettes (11€20), the fried steak with roquefort sauce (11€80)...
See the Menu:
We started with an onion soup, served hot but nicely gratinated and quite respectable, even though there was only one grilled crouton, the others did not seem to have been.

We went on with a Basque blood sausage purée. This recipe is based on offal and pork blood, onions and Espelette peppers. Even if its presentation would gain to be more engaging, the taste and the texture are quite convincing. The purée, which we would like to be richer in butter, is crushed.

We finish with a great classic of the bistro cuisine: A profiterole which did not seduce us with the blandness and the excess of its vanilla ice cream, a very flat and not very crunchy cabbage.
This meal is washed down with a quarter of a very correct Côte du Rhône at a price that is just impossible: 3€60
The service is courteous and efficient even if the delivery of the dishes suffers a little in delay.

A bill that reminds us of the amounts we used to pay in the 20th century.
In short, at the price we say, it's a bargain to be had.

Bouillon Pigalle
22 Bd de Clichy, 75018 Paris
Every day from 12:00 to 00:00
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Hotel Relais Montmartre & Christmas in Paris
Enjoy Christmas Time in Paris with wonderful Christmas markets, temporary ice rinks, illuminations and good places to warm up around a good tea time.
Wooden chalets, local products, attractions, the Christmas markets of our beautiful capital are back! With your family or friends, come and discover the magic of Christmas for the happiness of children and adults.
General information : 
• City Hall Christmas Market 
from 2nd December 2022 to 3rd January 2023
• Tuileries Christmas Market
from 19 November 2022 to  8 January 2023
• Christmas Market of the Champs de Mars 
from 16 December 2022 to 2 January 2023
• Notre Dame Christmas Market 
from 9 to 26 December 2022

Come and slide on the Parisian ice rinks

An unmissable moment during the Christmas season: the ephemeral ice rinks. During your walks on the Christmas markets, stop to skate in the heart of Paris. 
Between two chalets, come and skate on the famous ice rink of the Tuileries Christmas Market, which offers a large sliding surface. 
Come and show your skating skills on the Champs de Mars rink to live the experience of skiing at the edge of the Eiffel Tower. 
Don't forget your gloves and your hat! The Parisian slopes are yours! 

Paris in the spotlight

Like every year, Paris shines for the end of the year celebrations! 
The facades of the big stores, such as Galeries Lafayette and Printemps on Boulevard Haussmann, are decorated with their most beautiful decorations for the occasion. It is a moment not to be missed, which, young and old, will give you a real eyeful with their theatrical Christmas scenes. Don't hesitate to stop for a shopping session and admire the interior decorations of these stores like the legendary tree of Galeries Lafayettes.
The districts of Paris are also illuminated. The Place Vendôme, the Avenue des Champs Elysée or the Faubourg Saint Honoré are waiting for you to live the magic of Christmas.

Places for a tea time 

Between two activities, come and warm up in places specially selected for you.
•À la Mère de Famille, rue Faubourg Montmartre, is the oldest chocolate factory in Paris. Founded in 1761, it is a mythical address not to be missed during your Parisian escapades. The perfect place to shop for Christmas chocolates and sweets. 

The Chef Pierre Hermé and the DrugStore chef Eric Frechon have joined to propose to you a Christmas teetime. Take this moment to taste savory and sweet creations but also signature creations with a hot drink or a glass of champagne while admiring the Arc de Triomphe. 

Treize au Jardin opens its doors for a teetime with organic and homemade sweet and savory dishes in front of the Jardin du Luxembourg in a picturesque 19th century decor with its old books and quirky objects.

For lovers of French gastronomy, don't miss the Monsieur Dior restaurant located in the Dior building at 30 rue Montaigne. A new Parisian restaurant in homage to Christian Dior. The chef Jean Imbert revisits great classics in the image of this prestigious French house. If you like sweet dishes, the Pâtisserie Dior on the lower floor will delight your taste buds. 




- The Relais Montmartre team wishes you a Merry Christmas -

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Tripadvisor 2019 Certificate of Excellence - Montmartre Paris
Dear Traveler

Once again this year TRIPADVISOR has awarded us the Attestation of Excellence.

On TripAdvisor, the Relais Montmartre appears on the first page of the Paris neighborhood searches, with more than 1288 laudatory reviews.

We would like to warmly thank you for the trust you have in our team and in the services of our establishment.

Every day, we strive to improve in order to satisfy you, thanks to you and your numerous comments you give us the chance to reach excellence. 
Your satisfaction being our priority, we strive every day to make your stay unforgettable.​

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Moulin Rouge - Cabaret near the Relais Montmartre hotel
Located two minutes from the Relais Montmartre, spend a magical evening at the Moulin Rouge!


History of Le Moulin Rouge:

Founded in 1889 beside the Montmartre hill, the Moulin Rouge is the most famous of the Parisian cabarets, with its changing decors and its revolutionary architecture.

During the Belle Époque, wealthy businessmen came to mingle with the French dancers famous for their cancan leg-lifting dance.

Two such dancers, “the Goulue” and Jane Avril, are immortalized by Toulouse-Lautrec. A haven for artists, a place of heckling, the Moulin Rouge has been an an eternal source of inspiration to creators, filmmakers, writers, painters alike.

During the 20th century, the cabaret has seen the Roaring Twenties to the post-war period, and has undergone numerous restorations. Destroyed by a fire in 1915, it was rebuilt in 1921. Mistinguett famously danced there until 1927. 

In 1950, it was completely renovated by Georges France, also known as Jo France and from 1959 onwards, the Moulin Rouge offered a dinner show whose reputation became worldwide.



   Since the 1950s, about ten shows have been created, the latest one, "Féérie", now running since 23 December 1999.

Designed by Doris Haug and Ruggero Angeletti, this show alternates five scenes where you can admire the 60 Doriss Girls in dazzling costumes.  

A dazzling display of feathers, rhinestones and sequins to leave you spellbound.  You will be amazed by the snake swimmer, in her glass pool, dancing among snakes.

Indonesia-inspired dances will take you on an exotic journey.

Book your evening and you will experience the exceptional!

Practical information:
• Address : 82 boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris.
• Phone : +33(0)1 53 09 82 82
• Show : places à partir de 87 €
• Show & Diner : de 185 € à 230 €
• Web-Booking : https://www.moulinrouge.fr/reservations?lang=en

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Two Family Museums in Paris, our best picks
You don't want to start an endless line to go to the Louvre Museum or the Musée d'Orsay?
Then follow our guide: we offer you two other unusual cultural places in Paris:

The Grévin Museum - A Time Travel Through Different Universes

Initially a simple wax museum, the Musée Grévin has for several years known how to adapt to the times.
You can always walk into the different rooms to see the reproductions of France's cultural and historical heritage: through these Presidents, singers, sportsmen and women or the best actors. From General de Gaulle to Henri Salvador, passing in front of Amélie Mauresmo or Zinedine Zidane, all generations will find their way through this maze of celebrities and perfectionist scenery. Maybe not the little ones, you may say....

Don't get me wrong! Since its reopening in February, animations have been made for the whole family thanks to reproductions of popular programs such as The Voice or the arrival of new cartoon characters (Scrat de l'Age de Glace, The Little Prince...). 

The more traditional passages have also been revised to be more interactive, such as the one on History: you can now paint in a cave, fight alongside Vercingetorix or take part in Bonaparte's war council!
You can also walk the Cannes red carpet, have an interview in the Elysée offices or record a sound with some music stars.

We bet you'll love it: The Musée Grévin has a new look to offer you a star day!

10 boulevard Montmartre.
Open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm
Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 7pm.
Two kilometres from Le Relais Montmartre (20 minutes on foot or 15 minutes by bus from the "white" stop at "Richelieu-Drouot - 9th century town hall").
Tickets from 16.20€ to 24.50€ online : https://www.grevin-paris.com/

The Fairground Arts Museum - A colourful century

Located in the Bercy district, the museum of fairground arts invites you to take a trip through many rides, some of which date back to the end of the 19th century.

More important than the history it tells, this unusual museum will surprise you with its beauty, its colours and the showy atmosphere that emerges.
You can only visit this place by booking in advance, allowing you to be accompanied by actors who will put you in the mood for about 90 minutes.

Réveillez votre âme d’enfant et profitez de cette expérience d’un autre temps dans ce musée hors des sentiers battus où les objets prennent vie.

Fairground Art Museum 
53 avenue des Terroirs de France.
Opening on prior reservation between 9am and 7pm (generally on Wednesdays and weekends outside school holidays or every day during school holidays)
30 minutes from Le Relais Montmartre by metro (line 13 to "Saint-Lazare" then line 14 to "Cour Saint-Emilion").
Tickets of 8.80€ to 16.80€ online : https://arts-forains.tickeasy.com/fr-FR/produits
Or by phone : +(33) 1 43 40 16 22.
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Christmas markets in Paris
Get ready to travel around the world in a very small area of the metro station.
Discover uncommon Christmas markets less than 20 minutes from the Relais Montmartre.

A stone's throw from the Relais Montmartre, discover the intimate Parisian Christmas markets.
The Montmarte Christmas market has settled in the heart of the village, Place des Abbesses, culinary specialities and craftsmen present their products in small wooden chalets.


Marché de Noël au Hasard Ludique (128, avenue de Saint-Ouen) 

The 18th arrondissement is in the spotlight during this event, with three Christmas markets and as many themes. Along the small belt, the Afro market of December 2nd will give way to the ethical market on the 9th, then to the market made in the 18th century on December 16th. World cuisine, massages and organic fir trees will be on offer.

Opening: Sundays 2,9 and 16 December
From the hotel: 14 minutes by metro by line 13 - Stop at Porte de Saint-Ouen

Marché de Noël Traxmas au Grand Marché Stalingrad - la Rotonde (6 place de la bataille de Stalingrad) :

It is a music market that will be present at the large Rotunda market. Vinyl sales, EMMAUS clothing and exhibition will be on the program in addition to a TraXmas evening (for a fee) from midnight to 6am.

Opening: Saturday, December 15th from 1pm to 8pm
From the hotel: 17 minutes by metro by line 2 - Courcelles stop


Marché de Noël alsacien sur le pavé de la Gare de l’Est (Place du 11 novembre 2018) : 

The oldest Alsatian market in Ile-de-France returns for the 37th time to the square in front of the Gare de l'Est. Regular customers are familiar with the free tastings that immerse you in the atmosphere of eastern France with the fifteen or so artisans.

Opening: From 5 to 21 December 2018
From the hotel: 18 minutes by metro by line 2 and then 4 - Gare de l'Est stop


Marché de Noël made in France à l’Espace du Canal Saint-Martin (256 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin) :

In order to showcase the talents of French craftsmen, Espace Canal Saint-Martin will receive 35 brands, most of them responsible in the field of fashion and design.  

Opening: From 14 to 16 December 2018
From the hotel: 19 minutes by metro by line 2 - Stalingrad stop

Marché de Noël vegan à la Recyclerie (256 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin) :

For this 3rd edition, this new addition to the Christmas market landscape will feature vegan food stands, but also cosmetics, perfumes and clothing. 20 exhibitors will be present in this atypical Parisian venue.

Opening: Sunday 16 December 2018
From the hotel: 19 minutes by metro by line 2 then 4 - Porte de Clignancourt stop

Marché de Noël de la Canopée des Halles (Allée Jules Supervielle) : 

A huge tree over 20 metres high, dressed in lights and 50 exhibitors, is the programme for the very first Christmas market in the Canopée des Halles.​
Open: Until 6 January 2019 (Monday and Tuesday from 10am to 8.30pm and then Thursday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm. Sunday from 11am to 8pm).
From the hotel: 20 minutes by metro by line 2 then 4 - Les Halles stop

Whether they are musical, Alsatian, vegan, traditional or new, the Christmas markets await you in this month of December.
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Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival
What is concealed behind the harvest festival in Montmartre? 
Back & information on the 84th edition of the must-see Parisian event!
Did you know it? 

The Montmartre grape harvest festival has been an annual tradition since 1934. 
We are very grateful to the Dames de L'Abbaye de Montmartre who planted vines all around the Montmartre hill. 

In 1934, Mistinguett and Fernandel launched the tradition of festivities in October to celebrate the arrival of a new wine!

It is today the 3rd most attended public event in Paris with no less than 400 000 people! 

The wine harvested there is a cuvée of Red Wine and Rosé Wine, the "Clos Montmartre", which is made up of 27 grape varieties, 75% Gamay and 20% Pinot Noir. It is 1760 plants which will be harvested there every year.


Other information : 

Date of version 2018 : From 10 to 14 October.
Price: Free 
Place: In all streets of the 18th 

Learn more..: 
Official website of the event: fetedesvendangesdemontmartre.com
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Good deals
New: Netflix, Prime video, Youtube and more ... arrive at the hotel
It is important for us to feel at home in the hotel. Le Relais Montmartre is introducing Chromecast in all its rooms! 
You can now use this Chromecast to stream all your loved content from the services you subscribe to.
Follow all your favourite shows, even in the hotel!
Have fun!
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Good deals
Le Relais Montmartre in the heart of Paris ...
From 03 to 31 January 2022, for any reservation of a stay from our website, the Relais Montmartre hotel provides you a Navigo Easy card to facilitate your access to the Parisian metros and trams. 
For more information, please contact us or refer to the reception.
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Our Guide : Visit Montmartre by Night
Would you like to visit Montmartre, the most authentic district of Paris, but don't know where to start? 
Follow our guide and let us show you the romantic streets and places where you can enjoy the night!

The Place des Abbesses 

A few steps from the Relais Montmartre hotel, the Place des Abbesses is the first place where we invite you to start your night tour of Montmartre:
Located at the entrance of the district, it referees a magnificent luminous carousel for children and its pretty flowered trees will make you spend a pleasant moment. 

The street of the Chevalier-de-la-Barre and the church of the Sacré-Cœur

This is probably the most beautiful cobbled street in Paris to stroll down at night. 
Sloping in its first part, the street of the Chevalier de la Barre is made up of old buildings which will seduce the amateurs of beautiful architecture. 
The street leads to the sublime Sacré-Cœur church​. Nestled at the top of the Montmartre hill, it is a real feast for the eyes, especially at night, in Paris, let's remember: City of Light!

The Moulin Rouge and Moulin Rouge Machine

In order to reach the Moulin Rouge, we invite you to pass by the Place du Tertre and the Place Dalida.
You will be able to enjoy beautiful illuminations as well as beautiful viewpoints, ideal for taking nice pictures.
To finish your walk, you can enjoy the illuminations of the Moulin Rouge, and why not, go through its doors to enjoy its cabaret shows which have made its reputation since its creation, more than a century ago.
Alternatively, you can visit the "Bar à Bulles" of the Moulin Rouge Machine, where you can spend a warm and friendly moment under the lanterns, while enjoying a glass of wine, a cocktail or a hot drink! 

Guided tour in collaboration with Paris Zig-Zag : 

You now have some ideas of places to visit in Montmartre at night. 
You can visit them on your own or take part in one of the guided tours organised by Pariszigzag.
The Paris Zig-Zag guided tour is done on foot and lasts a maximum of 2 hours. 
In addition to admiring the district, you will learn about its history and a large number of anecdotes related to each of its places. 
The cost of the tour is 17 euros and must be booked in advance, as the number of places is limited. 
For more information : question@pariszigzag.fr
Reservations : https://www.pariszigzag.fr/visite/visite-guidee-montmartre-paris



While waiting for our second article to visit Montmartre by day, if you want to know more anecdotes about the Montmartre district, we invite you to discover our selection of unusual places in Montmatre (french) ! 

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Best Wishes from Paris
The Relais Montmartre Team is pleased to address you its BEST WISHES.
We wish you a year full of Success, Love, Health and Travel.
We would like to thank you for your support during this period.
Le Relais Montmartre.
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Re-opening 24 AUGUST 2020
Dear guests,

In order that your stay at the Relais Montmartre  occurs in the best possible conditions, we inform you that, on account of the current sanitary situation, we have proceeded to a few changes in the hotel :
● The wear of a sanitary mask will be compulsory in all the common areas of the hotel. Some hydro-alcoholic gel will be also always available at the front desk.
● Breakfasts will be only served in your room.
● On our courtsey tray, (at free use in each of our rooms), our initial mugs have been replaced with disposable cardboard cups.
● During your stay long, we also kindly request from you to let us know if you would like your room to be cleaned or not. We thank you too in advance for airing your room when you leave it.

As our hotel has always been adament about cleanness, we inform our guests that we had taken strict measures in this direction long before the appearance of the Covid.
Our housekeeping daily uses « Vapodil » as a powerful cleaning device, — i.e. a dry steam device that totally disinfects any area because of a steam coming out at 120°.

Futhermore, we have bought ozone devices, which are used and placed in all rooms after the departure of the previous guest, to disinfect and clean the air.

● Our elevator cannot be used in the company of other hotel guests.
● From now on, the sending by mail of invoices is prioritized.

In spite of all these new mandatory measures, be certain that the entire team of the hotel will do its best to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
We thank you for your understanding and collaboration, and look sincerely forward from greeting you at the Relais Montmartre.

Kind regards.
The Management.
Dear guests,

In order that your stay at the Relais Montmartre  occurs in the best possible conditions, we inform you that, on account of the current sanitary situation, we have proceeded to a few changes in the hotel :
● The wear of a sanitary mask will be compulsory in all the common areas of the hotel. Some hydro-alcoholic gel will be also always available at the front desk.
● Breakfasts will be only served in your room.
● On our courtsey tray, (at free use in each of our rooms), our initial mugs have been replaced with disposable cardboard cups.
● During your stay long, we also kindly request from you to let us know if you would like your room to be cleaned or not. We thank you too in advance for airing your room when you leave it.

As our hotel has always been adament about cleanness, we inform our guests that we had taken strict measures in this direction long before the appearance of the Covid.
Our housekeeping daily uses « Vapodil » as a powerful cleaning device, — i.e. a dry steam device that totally disinfects any area because of a steam coming out at 120°.

Futhermore, we have bought ozone devices, which are used and placed in all rooms after the departure of the previous guest, to disinfect and clean the air.

● Our elevator cannot be used in the company of other hotel guests.
● From now on, the sending by mail of invoices is prioritized.

In spite of all these new mandatory measures, be certain that the entire team of the hotel will do its best to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
We thank you for your understanding and collaboration, and look sincerely forward from greeting you at the Relais Montmartre.

Kind regards.
The Management.
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Re-opening summer 2021
Coronavirus (COVID-19) : news

Dear Customer(s) in front of the evolution of Covid-19 the recommendations of the WHO and the decree of the French State.

The hotel is temporarily closed.
We will be happy to welcome you from Wednesday 25 August 2021.

If you need to modify or cancel a reservation, please contact the hotel by email:
Or by phone : + 33 1 70 64 25 25

We wish you all to keep yourselves in good shape and will be pleased to welcome you back soon in our hotel.

Looking forward to welcoming .
Best regards.
Take care and see you soon
Coronavirus (COVID-19) : news

Dear Customer(s) in front of the evolution of Covid-19 the recommendations of the WHO and the decree of the French State.

The hotel is temporarily closed.
We will be happy to welcome you from Wednesday 25 August 2021.

If you need to modify or cancel a reservation, please contact the hotel by email:
Or by phone : + 33 1 70 64 25 25

We wish you all to keep yourselves in good shape and will be pleased to welcome you back soon in our hotel.

Looking forward to welcoming .
Best regards.
Take care and see you soon
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Happy New Year 2020 !
Le Relais Montmartre vous adresse ses Meilleurs Vœux pour cette Nouvelle Année 2020 !
Une Année que nous vous souhaitons heureuse et prospère !

The Relais Montmartre wishes you a Beautiful Happy New Year 2020 !
May this brand new year be full of joy & prosperity !
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The magic festivities of Christmas in Paris
Want to enjoy a magical Christmas in Paris? Get an exceptional discount of -5% on your stay at Relais Montmartre and follow our guide!


Christmas in Paris is a special occasion with 125 illuminated
squares and avenues with garlands of shooting stars, Christmas
trees, multicoloured decorations. From the Champs Elysées to Avenue Montaigne, via the Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower, Paris is dressed in lights for the holiday season.
As evening falls, explore the enchanting Place Vendôme, the picturesque district of Montmartre, or the new Canopy of the Forum des Halles. Enjoy a gourmet break to drink hot chocolate or tea on a heated terrace of the capital's countless cafés. 
Finish your walk with the Champs-Elysées Christmas Lights (from 24 November 2019 to 8 January 2020).



The Christmas markets.

There are so many Christmas markets in Paris. Artisans, creators and other exhibitors offer original objects to leave under the tree.
Unique gifts can be found, strolling around the stalls of decorated wood cabins.
If you are hungry, you can enjoy mulled wine and grilled chestnuts, waffles or pancakes. 


Here is our selection of the most beautiful markets in the capital:

  • The Christmas market in Les Tuileries. The famous Marcel Campion, having left the Champs Elysées, will set up his market there from November 15 to January 5.
  • The Christmas market at The Town Hall. On the square in front of the Hôtel de Ville de Paris, from December 14 to January 6, 2020.
  • The Canopy Christmas market at the Forum des Halles. From November 14, 2019 to December 29, 2019.
  • The Paris Beaubourg Christmas market, place Georges Pompidou in the Marais.
  • The Christmas market of Notre-Dame de Paris: from 13 to 29 December 2019. Square René Viviani, 2, rue du Fouarre.



For the Christmas occasion, department stores are adorned with light and delight passers-by with their sparkling showcases!

At Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, the theme is the Christmas Hive.
11 paintings in 11 window displays will feature 14 animated characters inspired by the life of the hive: the Queen's banquet, the winter garden, bees at work...
At Printemps Haussmann many luxury brands will present their creations in decorations created especially for the occasion.

At Le Bon Marché on the left bank, is looking to present the most modern display, a surprising, humorous creation. 


Make your 2019 Christmas in Paris an unforgettable stay with Relais Montmartre!

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Une glace à Paris (An ice cream in Paris)
The sun is slowly reappearing at the end of his nose and your summer ice cravings are back in full swing.
This is good because we tested THE best artisanal glacier in Montmartre: "Une Glace à Paris"!
Initially settled in the Marais, two friends, Emmanuel Rayon - Best Ice Cream Maker in France and World Pastry Champion - and Olivier Ménard - who has worked for major companies such as Harrods or Pierre Hermé - have decided to set up shop in the Montmartre district!
At the metro station  "Abbesses" and a few meters from the "Mur des je t'aime", the boutique with its original flavours will bring a sweet touch to your romantic and tasty getaway.

As you have understood, Une glace à Paris is one of the best glaciers in the capital! 
But what are his specialities? Take your passport - Gourmet One - the following paragraph will take you on a trip...
Smoked Inaya Chocolate, Colombian Pollen, Butternut or Medovic (Russian honey millefeuille), your only problem will be to choose! Not enough inspiration?  So let's continue....​

Organic Matcha green tea, crispy Parisian caramel, walnut oil or for connoisseurs: baba ice cream with Mount Gay rum, Sarrazin Nougatine Almonds, you will have more choices than reason before you! 
For sorbets, there are notably Indian mango, Orange carrot Ginger, Tonka Vine Peach or Hibiscus Wood Mara.

With a smiling service and pronounced flavours, ice creams all year round and cones all summer long, Une glace à Paris has established itself in the idyllic setting of Montmartre, for your pleasure and ours. Run along, the opinions are excellent! (4.3/5 of 500 Reviews).

Informations :
44 rue des Abbesses.
Open from Tuesday to Friday from 1pm to 8pm 
Saturday from 12pm to 8pm and Sunday from 11am to 7pm...

300 meters by foot from the Relais Montmartre (less than 5 minutes)
"Bonne dégustation ! "
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Do you know... The Little Poulbot of Montmartre?
Coming back from Paris with nice pictures? It's so simple and everyone can do it because the capital has so many excellent views. But do you think you can bring a little history with you? Read us, we tell you everything!
You may have noticed them, they hide and make all the charm of the district around the Relais Montmartre. These little children's heads with caps, big eyes and a mischievous look are on postcard, tag or poster displays.

But who are they?

The name Poulbot comes from its creator: Francisque Poulbot. Drawer who lived for many years on the Butte Montmartre (you know, this famous hill that makes you appreciate your comfortable room even more after a long walk), F. Poulbot illustrates posters. By observing the life of the streets of Montmartre, he created this character known to all French people.

Despite their large (often blue) eyes and beautiful smile, the Poulbots hide behind this expression the misery of yesteryear.
Heirs of Gavroche in Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, they represent a whole generation of children from Montmartre at a time when it was still only a village outside Paris, where children sometimes had to steal to eat.

Over the years, Poulbot has become the face of the association "les dispenssaires des petits poulbots" which has become an icon representing the Parisian titi, the post-war period and currently the "real Paris".

To find out a little more about the Poulbots, don't hesitate to talk to the many booksellers in the area. We also recommend two places:

Poulbot Street:  

Before being attached to Paris, this street was part of the village of Montmartre. Currently part of the capital, these 70 metres long will allow you to feel the very essence of Montmartre.

Information : Rue Poulbot - 700 mètres from the Relais Montmartre via la rue Lepic - 10-15 minutes walk.

Poulbot Restaurant:

Located in the street of the same name, this restaurant with its very Parisian decoration offers traditional cuisine and traditional beers. The wine list is also quite rich in beautiful finds. Among its must-sees, "the lamb shoulder in a 7-hour way and its juice, apple granules with thyme" or "the swordfish salsa verde and coconut paimpol with chorizo". A restaurant that only offers fresh food (three choices of starters, main courses and desserts) for a plebiscite of its customers from here or elsewhere. A very good address run by twins who have lived in the neighbourhood since the age of four.

Informaiton : Restaurant le Poulbot - 3 rue Poulbot - 850 meters from the relais Montmartre via la rue Lepic - 10-15 minutes walk.

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Good deals
Focus on the Véjuice, the organic juice bar.

This juice bar offers fresh juices made from 100% organic fruit and vegetables every day. In order to preserve all their nutritional values, the juices are pressed slowly by extraction and not by centrifuging.

Just a few meters from the hotel, Vejuice offers five-day "detox" programs to counter stress and fatigue or to take a taste break throughout the day.

To accompany the different juices, healthy salads can complete your order.

Held by a passionate person, do not be hesitates to ask him what you want and let him guide you.

Whether it's the juice of the day, the soup of the season or a break after climbing all the steps to reach Montmartre during your walk, you now know where to get back into shape.

  Le Vejuice (1 rue Constance) : 100% organic juice bar
Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
From the hotel: 20 metres to the left leaving the Relais Montmartre

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Le Relais Montmartre in the News Media
The Hotel in Video: relive our BFM presentation! 
Selected by BFM teams, our establishment appeared 3 times in the "Vivre en Région" television news on BFM TV.
We have managed to retrieve a video of our visit where you can relive your stay or visit our establishment.
You can find the hotel's presentation hosted by our Executive Assistant, Alessio, who ensures the comfort and well-being of each of our guests.
You will be able to discover the visual panorama of our common areas and a selection of rooms. 

An exciting experience whose stress Alessio mastered and compensated for by a total serenity at the time of shooting! 
The team is very happy to have had this privilege and would be happy to repeat a similar experience.




Thanks to the BFM teams

Le Figaro Madame

This is not the first time that the Relais Montmartre hotel has been selected and presented as a hotel of choice by the media: 
You can also find Hôtel Relais Montmartre in an editorial of the Figaro Magazine's must-see addresses, where we are listed as "Havre de Paix à Montmartre qui se distingue par son atmosphère douce et accueillante". 

Thank you Le Figaro Magazine 

The list of Parisian Hotels is long, select us, guarantee you serenity and on our side, we will reserve you the most pleasant, the most discreet and the warmest welcome that it is...

Read the article

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RGDP & Relais Montmartre
Hôtel Relais Montmartre addresses by email, a trimestrial newsletter to inform its subscribers of the hotel News, the best deals & to do list in Paris,  and propose special offers reserved exclusively for its subscribers. 
The new regulation on the protection of personal data is an opportunity to enter into a more authentic and shared relationship with our subscribers. This is why we would like the Newsletter to be sent to you only if you give your consent.

If you wish to continue to receive them, please update your subscription data. If you no longer wish to receive them, you can use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page.

See you soon,
Best regards from the Hôtel Relais Montmartre team
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Good deals
La boite aux Lettres
A great place at the top of Montmartre

To reach this restaurant, you will have to go up the rue Lepic, almost at the top of Montmartre.
It is located just above the Moulin de Galette (read our article) and Coq Rico (read our article)
The business started in 2013 and is run by Antonin Prion, who is floor manager and had the great idea of being trilingual. He is also the associate of Frédéric Paul Chartier, who works in the kitchen. We will talk about him a bit later.
Past the entrance is a small room with less than 30 seats where intimacy seems to be a priority. We were immediately taken in hand and placed where we wish. Each dish is explained. The service is as attentive and friendly as its is professional.

The menu is simple: At noon, the main course is €12, the starter/main course or main course/dessert is €12, and the starter/main course and dessert is €18. In the evening, both services are €25 and the 3 services are €33.

We start with a split pea soup made with new onions, thyme and bay leaves, button mushrooms, bacon, cream, chervil, and pistachios. It is topped off by Antonin who pours the soup then the cream in front of you.

We immediately taste the freshness of the peas, the chewiness of the mushroom, and the crunchiness of the pistachios. Then comes the salty smoked bacon that bursts in the mouth. The dish is beautiful, it is very balanced in flavor and texture. For a starter at €7, it is extremely well done and worthy of a very good restaurant.
This dish and the following were accompanied by a Morgon from Laurent Thévenet (€6.50 a glass), which is filled with beautiful hints of red fruit and lasts quite long in the mouth.
We continued with a rizotto and Serrano ham. The dish was served less than 10 minutes after the first plate was sent back to the kitchen. Nice timing when we know that a rizotto takes about thirty minutes.

The rizotto with mascarpone, is mixed with daïkons (Japanese white radish), topped by a bed of gourmet peas, slices of serrano, all brought together with preserved garlic. The dish is well balanced: It is both crunchy with the daikon and melting with mascarpone. The sugar from the garlic confit is well-balanced with the salty Serrano. Another great restaurant for only €12 per dish.
I then chose a very simple dessert from my childhood: French toast. It is served with salted butter caramel. It is crispy on the surface and moist in the middle. Accompanied by salted butter, it is really excellent and although I was full, I just had to finish it. 

Special greetings to the chef Frédéric Paul Chartier, who we had met before at La Balançoire.
He is talented, respects the product, and loves his job as much as his customers. He was trained at the famous Ferrandi school and then joined the brigade of Ducasse's Eiffel Tower brewery.
The adventure won't stop here for him and his partner. Thank you

108, rue Lepic – 75018 Paris
Monday to Saturday from 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm and from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

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Reopening of the Relais Montmartre
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Dear Clients,

On behalf of the team at Relais Montmartre, we hope that you and your close ones, after the lockdown, are all well.
We are delighted to be re-opening our doors soon and are impatient to welcome you back. All precautions will be taken in line with sanitary legal obligations in order to ensure maximum safety during your stay, and we invite you to take a look at these rules which are published on our website.

And now for a few surprises!
We have made the most of the imposed closure to decorate the Patio, which is now more luminous and pleasant for a relaxing moment after a hectic Parisian day.

We have also refurbished our 3rd floor with new colors and textiles which we’re impatient for you to discover and hope many of you will come to stay soon.

Despite the difficulties experienced by all over recent months, we have doubled our efforts to ensure that the reopening of Relais Montmartre will be the happiest of reunions and we are delighted to welcome you back again!

And by way of reminder, it is always in your best interests to reserve directly with the hotel: we propose better rates.

Take care and have a pleasant summer.
See you soon! 
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Best wishes for 2019!

Dear Traveller,

The entire Relais Montmartre team wishes you a sweet, pleasant and happy 2019.
We will always have at heart and pleasure to make your stay unforgettable,

Samia Mobarek.

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Good deals
Restaurant: "Les tantes Jeanne", a moment of weightlessness
We've fallen for this gastronomic restaurant, rated 2 toques by Gault Millau. This restaurant, founded more than 60 years ago, is located just two minutes away from the Relais Montmartre and is worth a look if you are a gourmet. Plus, it serves the best meat in Montmartre.
The chef and business owner since 2012 is Octave Kasakolu. Trained by two-star chef Henri Faugeron, he has worked in restaurants for over 25 years and has been in the kitchen for 10. Passionate about and deeply invested in his job, Octave Kasakolu is always looking to create something new and has unlimited creativity. We will expand on why the culinary experience offered here is unusual.  

 Octave Kasakolu
Octave Kasakolu is always on the lookout for something new. He uses his favorite districts and markets to conduct his research. He goes in the 15thdistrict, rue des entrepreneurs, for Iranian products. He also visits all the oriental and African stores for ingredients such sweet potatoes, ginger, items he had not thought of before, to work on and offer a creative dish that has, above all, a real culinary interest.

Specialized in very high quality meat, the restaurant has its own maturing room, where the meat is carefully staled to obtain a pure product. The dried meats, as for them, are each chosen with care.
 Les tantes jeanne is the only restaurant in Montmartre to offer Kobe Beef (Japan) in its prestigious meat menu. This traditional meat is highly recognized for its marbled flavor and tenderness.
But what will you eat? In addition to the 7 times tasting menu at €185, including a Kobe beef to which we will return, the menu, which is often renewed, offers 4 starters ranging from €12.50 to €24, and a plate of excellent charcuterie: dried Wagyu, Bellota Pata Negra, Galician rib steak... (€28).
As for the dishes, there is, for example, this very fine Arctic char fillet, a high mountain fish that is usually found on 3-star menus, served with a barley syrup risotto, pike or flying fish eggs, and white butter.

Arctic char fillet
Depending on the season, you can order a deer filet beautifully served as a Tournedos Rossini, with a sauce made from sorrel and Iranian lemon, foie gras, spinach, boletus mushrooms, girolle mushrooms, and chanterelle mushrooms.

Deer fillet

Or this rack of Axuria lamb with Espelette pepper, served from October to May, which is as delicious as it looks:

We also recommend the famous black Angus, enjoyable, for example, with an side of smoked vegetables and flavored with rosemary and lemon thyme.

The Black Angus rib steak - 200gr, €36 - 300gr, €54

The assortment of cheeses from Virginie Boularouah (address to discover) is a small wonder.
The room is warm and the tables are tidy. Silver cutlery from Thiers, plates from manufacture de Monaco, everything is designed for good food that you can accompany with wines chosen from 600 bottles, with the advice of a sommelier chef.
If you have room for dessert, try the "Comme une tatin", which has a crunchy chocolate base and whipped caramel. The arrangement is a poem on its own.
Bon appétit.

42 rue Véron, 75018 PARIS
Tél: 01 42 51 14 21
Open Monday to Tuesday, from 6:00 pm to 11:30 pm and Wednesday to Sunday, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 11:30 pm.
Website: http://www.lestantesjeanne.fr/
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The rooms may no longer be available for this period.
The number of people you entered does not match the capacity of the rooms.
For more details, you can contact us directly by phone at:
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