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« Aux frontières de l’art brut » & « Hey Céramique.s » at Halles Saint-Pierre

We saw both exhibitions. Hundreds of astonishing works. Please follow us!

Halle Saint-Pierre in Paris is located not far from Relais Montmartre, at the foot of the basilica. The area is particularly picturesque and well worth a stroll. La Halle Saint-Pierre is a museum dedicated to unconventional, marginal and alternative art. It occupies a historic site, the former Baltard-style hall at the foot of the Butte Montmartre, once a bustling market.

Here are a few artists and works from the two exhibitions mentioned above.

« Aux frontières de l’art brut »

The exhibition brings together works by 15 artists who prefer the freedom of unusual paths. These artists come from very different backgrounds, personalities, career paths and businesses, and most of them have no artistic training. Their research is tireless, obsessive, and prolific. Their universe is unique and reflects a highly personal, singular, and often touching vision, so humble, sensitive, and intimate does it seem.
Ronan-Jim Sévellec is a French painter and sculptor born in 1938. His father introduced him to drawing, modeling and painting at an early age. From 1960 onwards, he created models for film productions. He gradually abandoned painting for sculpting miniature sets.

Born in the bush of Niger, Marion Oster is influenced by primitive civilizations. She creates a singular universe blending kitsch and enchantment. Her artistic creations include glittering mannequins, tattooed antique dolls and magical Ex-Voto, offering a free reinterpretation of folklore and tradition.

Gabriel Audebert, a former Parisian hairdresser, creates masks and busts from a newspaper-based material. His works depict political figures from the 1960s to 2000s, as well as figures taken from paintings by Van Gogh, Modigliani and Toulouse-Lautrec.

Roger Lorance began his artistic career after decisive encounters with painters Jules Thoret and Léopold Chaillot in the 1950s. His work is characterized by vividly colored, dreamlike paintings and poems in a singular, personal poetic style.

Le passeur – 2021

« Hey ! céramic.s »

From pop culture to art brut, the exhibition brings together 250 works by 34 artists who emancipate themselves from the creative norms commonly adopted in the field of ceramics. The exhibition is organized in partnership with the porcelain manufacturer Bernardeau.
Here's a sample of what you'll see at the exhibition.

Christina Bothwel – Double violet – 2021

Christina Bothwel – Birds – 2019

Kirsten Stingle - Awakening

After the visit

At the end of the exhibition, you can enjoy the bar and bookshop, and continue your stroll through this pretty neighborhood.

Café du musée

Rue Ronsard, just outside the Museum

Enjoy your visit!

Halle Saint-Pierre
Rue Ronsard, 75018 Paris
Monday to Sunday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, Tuesday closes at 7:00 pm.
« Aux frontières de l’art brut »  from September 20, 2023 to February 25, 2024
« Hey ! céramic.s » from September 20, 2023 to August 14, 2024


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